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Cleaning Dudes are fully insured and adhere to strict Owners Corporation Cleaning Melbourne guidelines to ensure all aspects of common buildings are presented at their highest level continuously.



Tenants/Owners don’t want to keep reporting problems to their Owners Corporate Manager and in turn Owners Corp Managers don’t want the hassle of complaints and reporting back to contractors.

Continuous complaints make both the Building manager and cleaning contractor both look bad in the eyes of the committee, tenants and owners.

Top reasons owners corporations assign their cleaning to us

Our experience from quoting many owners corp buildings reveals the following as the most common issues that arise…

  • Window cleaning always spot cleaned and generally a streaky mess.
  • Skirting boards and architraves covered in dust.
  • High reach ceilings covered in spiderwebs.
  • Bathrooms with no attention to detail – particularly corners, drains and other hard to reach areas.
  • Chrome fixtures around elevators not polished using commercial grade products.
  • General consistency not up to scratch.
  • Always worrying about when the committee, owners or tenants are going to complain about the cleaning.



We don’t require our clients to lock into long term contracts. We let our service speak for itself and provide our clients with hassle free cleaning.


Cleaning Dudes are 100% covered by all insurances whether that be Workcover, Public Liability or Professional Indemnity.


All too often cleaners arrive onsite and require showing building managers a particular issues which can arise. We upload videos to show information quickly and easily. Understanding privacy is a concern, these videos are always set to private… meaning only building managers and Cleaning Dudes staff can view them.


When servicing larger buildings, communication between staff is absolutely essential! We implement building specific “WhatsApp Groups” to communicate essential information quickly and easily to all staff members.


We can tailor a custom scope for your building or provide you with a tried & proven template cleaning scope.


With over 14 years working with the owners corporation industry, we have you 100% covered!

Our Owners Corp Partners


Cleaning Dudes offer cleaning services to Owners Corporation Cleaning Melbourne ranging from daily to monthly cleaning schedules. Most buildings staff work in are on a first name basis with tenants and owners.

Our goal is a zero complaint policy and if a request or complaint does arise and make appropriate changes to ensure it doesn’t recur.

Cleaning Dudes Management is in constant contact with the onsite cleaners to ensure all aspects of your building’s cleaning remains 100% positive.  We do this through our YouTube reporting and WhatsApp communication.

Whether your building is located in Brighton or in Melbourne CBD we specialise in all aspects of Owners Corp Cleaning.

Our Owners Corporation Cleaning Melbourne Buildings…

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