How we do things differently...

YouTube Reporting

All too often cleaners arrive onsite and require showing building managers a particular issues which can arise. We upload videos to show information quickly and easily. Understanding privacy is a concern, these videos are always set to private… meaning only building managers and Cleaning Dudes staff can view them.

Currently we use this for Owners Corporation buildings for tenant move in/outs which is a easy way to identify and pinpoint building damages to tenants.

WhatsApp Communication

When servicing larger buildings, communication between staff is absolutely essential! We implement building specific “WhatsApp Groups” to communicate essential information quickly and easily to all staff members.

These groups also work hand in hand with our YouTube reporting.

Taski Floor Scrubbers

These swiss made Taski Floor Scrubbers are a premium tool required in commercial cleaning industry. These units are about 30% more expensive than comparable machines however the initial 30% cost ensures uninterrupted use and unrivalled results . They require next to no maintenance and will run reliably for years!

Due to the size of these units, they are best setup as a fixed asset onsite at buildings.

Onsite Training

It’s not enough to just show a cleaning scope to staff and let them go solo in new buildings. Every building is unique and has certain areas that require more attention than others.

The older the building, the more likely it will be a haven for dust and cobwebs, it’s knowing where the areas are that’s key. Cleaning Dudes staff are always accompanied by management for minimum 3 visits before going solo. We also use our YouTube account for training purposes which makes correcting potential problems quick and easy.


All too often we quote buildings whose outgoing cleaning contractor has obviously attempted to clean toilets/sinks with a dry cloth. Microfiber has limited absorbency properties and is not suitable for cleaning areas that require the highest attention to detail. Just like washing a car, you don’t take a dry cloth to dirty paintwork. We adopt a wet wipe only policy for our bathrooms. We start by disinfecting all surfaces then wipe down dirty surfaces using only commercial grade sponges constantly wringing out the sponge as we go. This leaves sparkling surfaces without the dust build up in corners you commonly get with dry wiping techniques.

Miracle Sponges

These little beauties we use for all bathroom applications. They are excellent for cleaning sinks/strainers/basin corners/ hard to reach areas such as tap corners. Unlike harsh abrasive pads they clean surfaces with no scratching or harsh chemicals.

Communication Books

Each site has direct contact with their onsite cleaners. Staff are instructed to check the communication book each visit ensuring any details regarding the cleaning can be promptly actioned. We also offer a 24/7 emergency telephone service.


We only use Pacvac vacuums as these offer both the flexibility of accessing hard to reach areas and the suction power of a commercial grade canister unit. These vacuums are Australian made and extremely reliable.

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