Quality Office Cleaning – Does it exist for big business?

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Almost every time I quote a potential client with a large office building they all say the same thing… “Empty bin liners are the only evidence the cleaners came last night!

Time and time again, I receive calls, online enquiries, emails from large companies in search of Quality Office Cleaning however 90% of those are unhappy with their current cleaning contractor. Whenever I perform a site inspection, I always ask, “What is your current contractor charging you at the moment?” The reply I get always makes me laugh, mainly because the of the following reasons…

  • The sheer size of the building
  • The amount of items on the cleaning scope
  • The frequency, usually between 5-7 times p/week
  • Their contract rate is right on, if not below our cost
  • Price seems to be the determining factor when it comes to quoting potential clients with large buildings and unfortunately it’s the main reason we tend to focus much more on the small to medium sized companies.

The problems…

Cheap & Quality don’t go hand in hand


Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m all for competitive quoting amongst companies within any industry however the companies that are awarded the cleaning contract to particularly large office buildings are almost always the cheapest. Now let’s just say your generic cleaning contractor is awarded the (under-quoted) cleaning contract to a large building. Generally things will start out well, all items on the cleaning scope will be ticked off and things will go smoothly however soon they will realise their error because of the sheer time commitment required to complete the cleaning scope in its entirety


Diminishing Cleaning Scope


The first thing to get cut is the cleaning scope, certain items (particularly frequencies of those items) they believe won’t be missed, i.e. disinfecting desks, washing hard flooring, changing stained bin liners and the list can go on and on. The bathrooms might have no attention to detail around taps/drains/toilets-lids/bench tops – the main culprit of this is dry wiping techniques which is used because of its time saving attributes and not its absorbent properties. As a point of difference we use wet wiping techniques with industrial sponges (more info here)

Wages – Not representative of Quality Office Cleaning


I’ve placed adds on recruitment websites and as a result I’ve seen our competitors recruitment adds, I know for a fact the staff actually providing the cleaning to these large buildings are almost always paid less than $18 p/hour. Just how motivated do you think staff would be to correct any potential problems with an hourly wage sitting right on, if not below the award wage?

Time vs Money


In the end, the company that recruits an under-quoted cleaning contractor spends more money on their own staff wages chasing up consistent complains if not actually doing the cleaning themselves. For the small premium it would cost to outsource their cleaning to a contractor who quotes the job accurately they will actually end up saving money and more importantly… TIME!

If you are tired of not receiving quality office cleaning from your contractor don’t wait for them to pick up their game, call us now!

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