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Consultation & Communication

Communication is important within any long term working relationship. Rather than a contract we consider our potential working arrangement a partnership in which all endeavours shall be pursued for a positive outcome for both parties involved.

Feedback is readily accepted and in many ways helps a working relationship between businesses. We use a system of client communication books.  These books are placed at suitable site(s) for easy access to staff.  If staff have any comments or requests, they simply fill out their specific concerns in the communication book.  The cleaners then review the book at the beginning of their shift and are under instruction to carry out any reasonable request during that shift.  Cleaning Dudes management also reviews the communication book and follows up any requests exceeding the agreed perimeters.  If cleaning staff are unable to complete, any requested task, they inform Cleaning Dudes management who will assist in the prompt delivery of the request.

Training, Learning & Skills Development

A Site training program which meets all the needs listed in risk assessments shall be compiled and will be used in the training and development of cleaning staff. Staff meetings shall be conducted at appropriate times to discuss…

  • Working efficiency
  • Employee safety
  • Modification of Work Method Statements
  • Roster changes
  • OHS
  • Tackling problem areas
  • Open forum for staff feedback  to management
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